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Content Manager

Our Content Manager system allows you the authorized administrator to create, edit and delete content on your web site without having to learn HTML or other programming languages. No special software is needed to use the content manager other than Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and your windows based PC.

Because the content manager is entirely web-based, you the administrator can make changes anywhere there is an internet connection, by simply entering your admin web address and your username and password.

The content manager uses templates, web-based tools and a database to create and manage the web pages on your site. These are not canned packages they are custom built content management systems that can be developed to fit into any graphic design or look that you may want for your site.

Some of the features of our content management systems include:

  • Browser-based tools to create, edit and delete pages or sections of your site
  • Templates ensure that the content you enter will conform to the graphic design standards of the rest of the site
  • Automatic menu and navigation creation based on the content you enter
  • Editing and security procedures based on roles & privileges
  • Content that appears automatically based on dates you select
  • Dynamic page generation based on the content your or your staff enters in to the system
  • Ability to insert photos or images to each page (e.g., photo library)
  • Ability to upload images and files (e.g., pdf, word, excel, etc) and link content on your site to those files
  • WYSIWYG Editing tools that allow you to format (bold, color, etc.) text.
  • Flexibility to integrate custom programming into the content management system
  • Additional modules can be added including mass email/HTML newsletters, form creator, dynamic style sheets, announcements/press releases, events calendar and registration, document library, e-commerce and more.


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