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Your one stop shop for all your web , application & database development needs!!

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 Contact Us Today:

                Out-of-the-Box Designs, LLC
                    712 N.  2nd Street
                 Dennison, OH 44621

(330) 260-0892 



What does "The Rabbit" offer:

We provide a full range of web, application & database development, plus consulting services. 

Business practices and software today are ever changing and to stay on top you must have a business system that not only meets today's needs, but is ready & adaptable for that fast approaching future. 


With over 10 years experience with various web & business systems, "The Rabbit" is someone you can trust to provide you with not only what you need now to keep that your site or data flowing smoothly, but help you plan ahead for those future phases.

Our Services:

          Web Planning & Business Strategy Development

          Graphic Web Design

          Admin Content Management Systems

          E-Commerce & Shopping Carts

          Website  Redesign or Upgrade

          Database Development / Repair / Maintenance (Access, SQL , MySQL)

          HTML Email Newsletters

          Data Driven Web Systems (ASP, .NET, PHP -  Intranet or Extranet)

          Search Engine Optimization & Submission (Paid and Free)

          General Web Site Maintenance

          Internet Advertising

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